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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - F1 Tickets

Reserve official tickets for the 2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with a wide range of seating options available. Don't miss out on this incredible Formula 1 race!
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - F1 Tickets
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - F1 Tickets
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - F1 Tickets
The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has already established itself as a firm-favourite on the Formula 1 calendar. With it's unique day to night race timing, this late-season event is a must for any fan of the sport.

You can book tickets safely and securely right here at Sportstadium.com today, with plenty of options to choose from.

General tickets


  Main Weekend
€549.00 p.p.
  North Saturday / Sunday
€469.00 p.p.
  North Weekend
€519.00 p.p.
  West Saturday / Sunday
€550.00 p.p.
  West Weekend
€519.00 p.p.

Sold out

  South Saturday / Sunday
€469.00 p.p.
  South Weekend
€519.00 p.p.
  Marina Saturday / Sunday
€469.00 p.p.
  Marina Weekend
€519.00 p.p.
Venue Yas Marina Circuit
Sold out No
Start date Nov 27, 2015
End date Nov 29, 2015