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Privacy policy

 We value your privacy highly, along with the privacy of other visitors to our website. Motorsport Experiences ensures that personal information provided by you is handled confidentially and the company only processes this information in accordance with applicable legislation and regulation.

Each time you visit our website our webserver only automatically recognises your IP address, and not your email address.

When you visit our website we retain:

1. Your domain name but not your email address when you visit our webpage

2. Your email address if you shop or ask us any questions via this website

3. Your email address if you communicate it to us 

4. Your email address if you take part in discussion forums 

5. The domain name of other sites that you consulted in order to come to our site
6. All information relating to the pages on our site that you have visited
7. All information that you have voluntarily provided (for example survey information and/or site registration)

The information that we retain is used in order to:

1. Process your order
2. Improve the content of our website

We use cookies on this website in order to process your order and improve the content of the website. A cookie is a small file that is sent by an Internet server which installs itself on the hard disk of your computer. This file keeps track of your visit to the Internet site and contains data about this visit.

We do not have any partnerships or special relations with third parties.

How we use your data in concrete terms:


Your 'My account' contains your personal data. Name, delivery and invoice address, telephone number and login details. This means that you do not have to keep inputting this data every time you return to the site. We also retain data on your other orders and ongoing transactions.


You can subscribe for newsletters. We issue both general and personal newsletters. For the content of personal newsletters we check what you have ordered. Then we have a good idea of what you like. If you would prefer not to receive any more newsletters then unsubscribing is simple: either via our customer services or via the link underneath the newsletter itself.

Fraud prevention

Sometimes we have to use customer data in order to investigate, prevent and combat fraud.


We use your data and your customer behaviour in order to improve the services we provide. For example we may approach you for a customer survey or we may ask you to write a review of our services.


Would you like to inspect your personal data? Or would you like to amend your data or delete it

 from our system? You can do this yourself via your ‘My SportStadion-account'. Or you can inform our customer services.

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