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Village Regulations

Everyone that enters the Village respects the Village regulations and will follow the rules mentioned in the village regulations unreservedly. Breaking the regulations can lead to removal of the villages. Parking and leaving of tents, caravans, cars etc. is for your own risk.

House rules

To ensure a pleasant and secure stay on the Fan Village the following agreements are made with our guests.

  • Drugs, weapons, knifes, drones, laser pens, gas or oil lamps, candles, torches are all not permitted on the Fan Village;
  • Guests wearing gang or club colors to identify them to a certain group are not permitted on the village. Off course is clothing for Formule-1 teams excluded from this list;
  • Distribution of folders, flyers and dealing of any sorts is forbidden at the Village, except if you have a written consent of Sportstadion. B.V.;
  • Pets or other animals are not allowed at the Village;
  • If you leave the Village early you do not get a refund of any sort;
  • No Alcohol is permitted for people below 18 years of age) no buying or possession is allowed. Persons that are under the influence of alcohol or drugs entering or on the Village can be refused access to the Village. People that are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are removed from the village do not hold any rights on refunds on entry tickets, travel expenses or any other related costs made;
  • On the Fan Village we respect each other. Making threads around violence, discriminating remarks in words or gesture, sexual intimidation, public urning, trowing with beer and other not social accepted bon the Village. If this occurs people will be removed from the Village and the local authorities are contacted. Damages caused will be recovered from the damage causer;
  • If you are not following the rules entrance to the Village can be revoked at any time. If you are removed from the Village, no matter what the reasons are, you cannot claim any repayments of any sorts.


Opening hours
The Fan Village is opened from Thursday 27th of Juni 06:00 CET till Monday 1 juli 12:00 CET.

Arrival at the Village
At arrival you will receive a wrist band. Keep this with you at all times, so you can easily access and exit the Village. Without it you do not have access to the Fan Village.

Minimum age
There is no minimum age for the Fan Village, but you are required to carry a legit identity card. Alcohol is not permitted for persons under the age of 18 years old. When this is Er is geen minimumleeftijd voor de Fan Village, maar zorg ervoor dat jij altijd een geldig legitimatiebewijs (rijbewijs, ID-kaart, paspoort) bij je draagt. Alcohol is niet toegestaan voor personen onder de 18 jaar. If this does occur entrance to the Village can be denied.

First aid
On the Fan Village first aid care is 24/7 present.

Payment methods on the Village
On the Fan Village payments are made with special Village coins that can be purchased at the Village. At these Village coin shops you can pay by bank card or cash (Euro’s). We do not accept Creditcards. Coins are not refundable for money after the event.

Parking is free on the public parking sports. You are not allowed to keep your vehicle at your accommodation or camping pitch. Special Village parking is available and is free for one vehicle for every booking. Additional parking can be booked during the booking process.

noise disturbance
Every vorm of (noise) disturbance, specially between 01:00-07-00 CET, should be avoided. Usage of radio’s etc. is permitted if it causes no disturbance of other guests. Big (professional) sound equipment is not permitted on the Village. In case of a conflict around noise the village personal dictates the rules on the Fan Village.

Barbecue on gas or electricity is allowed on the Village. All other (for instance open fire or char coal barbecues are not permitted.

Garbage can be disposed on designated points. Disposal must be done in closed bags. Garbage disposal points are located near the sanitary and will be maintained multiple times a day. At departure pitches and accommodations need to be left clean.

Chemical toilet
In the sanitary there is a place to dispose the content of the chemical toilet.

Food and beverages
You are allowed to bring your own food and beverages to the Fan Village. But there are rules. A maximum of 2 liters alcoholic beverages applies per person. Glass is not permitted so be sure to bring other containing materials. Also big quantities (out of proportion) of food are not allowed. We will actively monitor these rules!

Sound and music
Big music installations, subwoofers and megaphones are not allowed on the village. Small music equipment is. Security personal decides what is the suitable volume. Not you! We want everyone to respect each other on the village. S respect your neighbors.

Check in

Checkin is only possible on the day you booked for checkin. Is you booked for a shorter stay but arrrive early this is possible but you need to pay additional. Did you book from Friday-Monday? Then check in is from Friday 06:00 CET. The following check in times apply:
  • Check-in on Thursday between 06:00 and 22:00 CET
  • Check in on Friday between 06.00 and 22.00 CET

At arrival at the Village follow the instructions of the traffic regulators. Be sure to have a filled in registration card and a printed voucher ready and let one person do the check in. This will speed things up and will benefit all. Are you arriving in in small groups that have the same booking? Be sure that every car has a printed version (copy) of the voucher.

During check in you will receive all the information around your stay, wrist band and parking card. Keep your wrist band with you at all times during the Village. Without it you do not have access to the Village.

Camping Pitch
As soon as you check in drive to the Village and follow the instructions of the personal. They will assign you a pitch. It is not permitted to select your own or reserve a pitch. If you want to be sure you stay next to each other you must arrive at the same time.

As soon as you set up your accommodation you need to remove your car and park it on the designated parking spots. You are not allowed to leave it next to your pitch (except is it is your accommodation). Using the parking spot you received during booking you can park on the village parking spot.

The Apex - Chicane - The Pitlane - Pole Position - The Paddock
If you have booked one of the above you must directly park on the designated VIP parking spot of the Village. This is located next to the VIP Village. You must carry your luggage to the accommodation.

Check out
From Sunday 18:00 check out is possible on the Village and you are allowed to enter the village with a vehicle to retrieve your accommodation. Guests that stay on a pitch in ‘The Green’ do not need check out. If you booked a The Apex, Chicane, The Pitlane, Pole Position or The Paddock, then you need to check out. Your accommodation will be assessed on cleanness and damages. This will influence the reimbursement of your deposit. You need to leave your accommodation at 12:00 CET on Monday by the latest. Late check out facilities are not possible.

Camping Pitch & Accommodations

Basic camping pitches on ‘The Green’ do not have electricity . Do you want to use electricity be sure to book this as an option during the booking process. Remember you need a Euroste De camping pitches zijn niet standaard voorzien van stroom. Wil je een stroomaansluiting op jouw camping pitch? Reserveer dan een stroomaansluiting op jouw pitch tijdens het bestelproces. Denk eraan zelf een eigen Euro plug with at least 25 meters cable suitable for outdoor usage. Most power outages are caused by bad equipment/cables or plugs. The maximum amount of wattage is 1350 per accommodation. Equipment like Senseo’s water boilers en other high wattage equipment should be specifically suitable for outdoor camping life. Be sure to check this. At the Hangout we also have electrical charging points.

In The Apex, Chicane, The Pitlane, Pole Position and The Paddock consist of an electrical plug.

Sizing camping pitch
Sizing of camping pitches is based on the size of your vehicle and is marked. You must stay within the markings. Is your accommodation buyer than 23 feet? Then you need to specify this during booking!


  • For security and safety reasons a driving route of at least 4 meters wide must be maintained for personal of medical or rescue crews;
  • In case of questions and/or remarks contact the information counter. In case of emergency contact the emergency number This number will be announced at a later stage;
  • It is not permitted to leave the Fan village any other route than through the official exit points;
  • The Village-maintainer has the right to change the regulation of to deviate from it in whatever way he or she wants;
  • We will make recordings (video’s/photo’s etc). Every guest on the Village has given his or her permission to be recorded. Recording may be used by Sportstadion/MotorsportLive for promotional activities.
  • Without written consent of Sportstadion it is not allowed to bring professional camera equipment to the Village;
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