Your stay in the Fan Village

You can stay in the Fan Village with your own tent, camper or caravan or you can choose to stay in one of our pre-set up accommodations. You can find all the important information regarding the accommodations below.

The Green

Are you staying in your own tent, carvan or camper? You can reserve your camping pitch in de Fan Village on ‘The Green’ for only £32 a night per person. A camping pitch on ‘The Green’ is appropriate for tents and RV’s. Is your accommodation longer than 23 feet? Please declare it while placing the order so we can hold the space for you. The access to the Fan Village can be denied when your vehicle is longer than you declared.

One of our colleagues will assign the camping pitch while arriving in the Village. Depending on the type of pitch that you booked, you will be assigned a certain amount of square feet to set up your accommodation. After setting up the accommodation, you will be asked to park your car on the parking area of the Fan Village. You will receive one parking voucher for every camping pitch. Do you need more parking vouchers? You can easily book an extra voucher while placing the order.

VIP Village

No camper, caravan or tent to bring? Don’t worry! The VIP Village the place for you. This special area has five different accommodations to choose from and its own sanitary facilities.


The ‘Chicane’ is available to anyone who doesn’t have their own tent. You can reserve an empty ‘Chicane’ for two or four persons and you can set it up however you like. This means that you have to bring your own airbed, sleeping bag and pillow because these are not included in this accommodation. The ‘Chicane’ does have a power socket to charge your electrical equipment inside your tent. The ‘Chicane’ is 10,5 feet long and wide and 9,2 feet high.

The Apex

The Apex is a large tipitent that is fully equipped with everything you need. ‘The Apex’ is equipped with two single airbeds including sleeping bags, pillows and a light. This handy tent is 10 foot long and wide and 7 foot high.

The Pitlane

This stylish accommodation is large enough for up to six people. The Pitlane has a diameter of 19 feet. The Pitlane is available for two, four or six people. The accommodation is designed in a way that you can easily stand up in it. The Pitlane is equipped with airbeds with a sleeping bag and a pillow. The accommodation also has an electricy socket to charge your electrical equipment.

Pole Position

Pole Position is a luxurious tent that is available for maximum two people. The tent is equipped with two box-spring beds is 14 feet long, 10 feet wide and 7 foot high. Two chairs, a flashlight and a lock are also included in this accommodation. ‘Pole Position’ is already set up for you once you arrive in the Fan Village.

The Paddock

The Paddock offers you a care-free stay in the Fan Village. The rooms are suitable for two or three persons (with one bunk bed) and are equipped with comfortable beds and electricity sockets to charge your electrical devices. In addition, you will have two chairs, a cabinet to store you clothes, a table and one towel per person to your availability. Staying in ‘The Paddock’ feels like a hotel with the atmosphere of the Village.