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Practical information

We understand that you want to enjoy your weekend in The Village in the best way possible. Therefore you can find all the practical information you need below.


Camping pitch
An electricity socket is not included on a standard camping pitch. However, you can add an electricity socket to your order for an additional fee. The electricity that is available in the Fan Village has a maximm of 1350 Watt. The connections that are available are so called ‘Schuko’ sockets with 220 Volt. We advise to bring your own cable extension to make sure you have electricity at your accommodation. Take note: coffee machines, water boilers or hairdryers need to be specifically suitable on a campsite.

Accommodations in the VIP Village
All accommodations in the VIP Village have an electricy socket. These are the following accommodations: ‘The Apex’, ‘Chicane’, ‘The Pitlane’, ‘Pole Position’ and ‘The Paddock’. Besides that, multiple electricity sockets will be available on the terrain of the Village.


Please take note that cigarettes can not be bought in the Fan Village. Smoking is not allowed in the accommodations of the VIP Village and the sanitary facilities.


Waste needs to be disposed in a closed trash bag at the designated location. The waste containers are right next to the sanitary facilities and will be emptied multiple times a day. You are expected to clean your camping pitch or accommodation when leaving the Village.


You are expected to drive dead slow when driving in the Village. The maximum speed is 6m/h. On non-arrival days, the Village will be completely car-free. You will be asked to park your car to the parking area of the Village. You will receive one parking voucher for every booked camping pitch or accommodation. An extra parking voucher can be easily booked via our website.


Unfortunately it is not possible to withdraw cash on the Fan Village. The nearest ATM is located at the main entrance of the Red Bull Ring (Red Bull Ring Str. 1, 8724 Spielberg). In the fan Village it is possible to buy your food & beverage tokens with cash or with a debit card. It is not possible to pay with a credit card. Food & beverage tokens are non-refundable.

BBQ & open fires

Barbecues on gas and electricity are allowd in the Fan Village. However, a barbecue on charcoal is not allowed.

Open fire and the use of heaters on alcohol or gasoline are not allowed.

For safety reasons, multiple fire extinguishers will be availble in the Village. The cost of unnecessary use of a fire extinguisher are accountable by the offender.

Accessibility Fan Village

Take exit ‘Knittelfeld West’ when driving on highway S36. After the exit, turn right on the ‘Landstrasse’. Turn left at the end of the ‘Landstrasse’. You are now in the ‘Obere Sachendorferstrasse’. After 1.5 mile on this road, take the sixth left exit to the Birkachweg. Follow the signs ‘Fan Village’ and the directions of the traffic wardens.

The address of the Fan Village is Birkachweg 17. Weocome to the Fan Village 2019!

Walking route Village to Red Bull Ring

It’s about a 20 minute walk from the Village to the Red Bull Ring. Via the main entrance Vanaf de Fan Village loop je in tien minuten naar de de Red Bull Ring. Je loopt via de hoofdingang van de Fan Village in westelijke richting naar het bospad. Dit bospad loop je uit waar je vervolgens bij een kaartcontrole komt. Laat hier je ticket scannen en je bent op de Red Bull Ring.

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