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Frequently Asked questions

Located directly beside the track a Motorsport Fan village will be set up for fans. Not only will the fan village be an amazing experience it is also located at the best spot in Spielburg because it will be on walking distance from the Red Bull ring. Below you will find answers to the frequent asked questions about the Fan village. Do you have another question? Send us a mail or contact us by phone and talk to one of our specialists.

Frequent asked questions Fan Village

The FAQ contains the following catagories

•General questions
•Camping pitch related
•Groups bigger then 6 persons
•VIP Village

General questions

When is the Fan village open? 
The Fan Village is open from Thursday 27 juni 06.00 uur till Monday 1 juli 12.00 uur 2019 (CET).

What’s the address of the Fan Village in Spielberg? 
The address is: Birkachweg 17, A-8724 in Spielberg, Austria.

Till what time is the check in?
Checking in is 24 hours possible at the Fan village.

Can I arrive at Saturday and if yes till what time?
No problem at all, you cannot book the accommodation from Saturday though. So you pay for the whole stay.

Friends and/or family are arriving at a different time, can we get a pitch next to each other? 
No, This is not possible. A pitch is appointed at arrival at the village by the personal at the spot. We cannot reserve a pitch. Arrive at the same time then this can be arranged though!

How do you access the Fan Village?
JIf you booked you will get an e-voucher send by mail. This will arrive a week before the event at the latest. You need a printed version to access the village.

Can I bring food and beverages to the Fan Village?
Yes, You can bring your own but there are some rules. There is a maximum of 2 liters of alcoholic beverages per person. Be sure it is not packaged in glass. Glass if forbidden on the whole Fan Village due to safety reasons.

Can I buy food and beverages on the Fan Village?
Yes, There are breakfast, lunch and diner services and Food & Beverage trucks where you can purchase food and beverages.

What are the payment methods on the Fan Village?
You can pay cash or by using a bank card (Maestro), No creditcards are accepted. The currency is Euro

Are water taps present on the Village?
Yes, you can tap water at the sanitary facilities

Is the Fan village accessible for disabled persons?
unfortunately the Fan village is not suitable for disabled persons. Are you disabled and do you want to know more about the possibilities at the GP of Austria? Contact us and we will help you finding a suitable option.

Does everyone have acces to the Fan Village?
No, only if you have a valid entry ticket (arm bracelet) you can access the Village. Access is controlled through access points and no other people will be allowed access to the Village.

Can you also purchase access only tickets to the Village?
No, this is not possible. The Village is only accessible for people that stay at the village.

We want to leave on Sunday, is this possible?
On Sunday after 18:00 CET it is possible to leave the Village. If you stay in a pre-fab accommodation than do not forget to check out at the checkout counter.

Is lighting present at the Fan Village?
Yes, lighting is available at the present which should be enough

What are the possible activities at the Fan Village?
When there is no action at the track there are enough possibilities to enjoy yourself at the Village. There is an entertainment area, you can buy food and beverages, and activities are organized at ‘The Hangout’. Details about the program are a surprise.

Are busses available for traveling to the circuit?
No, There are no busses available, the circuit is on walking distance from the village.

Is there security available on the Village?
Yes, Security is present at the Village to keep the order and check if everything is compliant with the Village rules.

After booking, what can I expect?
After you made your booking you will receive an email with a booking confirmation. If you did not receive a confirmation please check your spam folder. If still no confirmation can be found contact us. After the booking we will gice regular information updates around the Village through our socials and newsletters. Be sure to stay tuned on these to be up to date with the latest information.

Camping pitch The Green

Is electricity present at The Green?
Yes, you can book this at the booking process. Be aware though we have only a limited amount of pitches available with electricity. We recommend to use a reel for the electricity. More info can be found in the practical information section. We offer EU electricity sockets!

How is the pitch deviating handled?
We have an area with and an area without electricity.

Can I use a power generator at the Village?
No, to avoid potential disturbance we do not allow this. You can charge your equipment at the available charging points and charging is at your own risk.

Are we allowed to barbecue at the Village?
Yes. It is allowed to use an electrical grill or a gas grill. The organisation keeps the right to forbid any grill if it threatens security. The use of a charcoal barbecue is forbidden. Any open fires are forbidden on the Village.

Is sanitary available?
Yes, Enough sanitary is available at the Village. These are free to use for Village guests. The VIP section has separate sanitary only for usage of VIP section guests.

Are pets allowed?
In the Village no animals are allowed.

What is the size of a pitch?
There are no minimum requirements of a pitch. It is based on the space needed for your accommodation. If you accommocation is longer then 23 feet you need to book a special pitch. If your accommodation is bigger then 32 feet please contact us directly. If you have a longer accommodation and did not specify this you will not be allowed to stay at the Village.

Do I pay per person or per pitch?
The price is per pitch but you pay extra for more people. Check the booking process for the specifics because it depends on a lot of variables like electricity accommodation number of persons etc. If you have any additional question around this please contact us.

I booked an XL pitch, Can I place multiple tents?
Yes, no problem. You are free to organise the space you booked. You have to stay within the number of persons you booked for though.

Groups bigger than 5 persons

I want to book for 6 persons, how do I do this?
If you book for 6 persons the best option is to do 2 bookings. One for 4 persons and one for 2 persons. This is the cheapest option.

Why do I need to have an additional pitch if I want to come with 6 or more persons?
You are allowed to stay with a maximum of 5 persons per pitch. This is because of security reasons and Austrian Law regulation.

If I book multiple pitches because of the number of persons, Do I then also get multiple pitch spaces?
No, pitches are appointed based on the space your accommodation needs. You have to book 2 pitches because of the regulations but do not have rights on additional spots. If your accommodation(s) need the space than you do have right on the multiple pitches off course.

VIP Village

In the Fan Village prefab accommodations are created. These are ready made accommodations that are waiting for you when you arrive at the Village. Everyone that has booked an accommodation fo The Apex, Chicane, The Pitlane, Pole Position or The Paddock stays on the VIP Village.

Can I bring my own event shelter/tent?
No, this is not allowed in the VIP village.

Where Can I park my vehicle?
Your vehicle can be parked at the parking spot. It is not allowed to park your vehicle at the prefab accommodations. Guests staying in 'The Apex', 'Chicane', 'Pole Position', 'The Pitlane' or 'The Paddock' are directly escorted to the VIP parking. Baggage you need to carry to the prefab accommodations. The VIP parking is located directly next to the VIP village.

Can I bring an additional vehicle? 
Every booking comes with a parking spot. Do you need an additional spot than you can specify this during the booking process. You can also park it at nearby public parking facilities.

What are the check out times? 
Check out is possible till 12:00 CET on Monday

I want to depart earlier, is this possible? 
Yes, Check out is possible from 18:00 CET on Sunday

How will my deposit be refunded? 
During checkout a employee will assess the accommodation to check for any damages. If no damages are found the deposit will be refunded to the account number used during the booking.

Do the VIP Village accommodations have their own sanitary? 
No, but they are located on the VIP Village, which is a restricted area only for VIP guests This area has it’s own sanitary. 


Can I park on the Fan Village?
Cars may only come onto The Green during arrival and departure. For the prefab accommodation the car is not allowed at all. You caban park your vehicle on the designated parking facility of the Village. If you require more than one parking spot please specify during booking.

We arrive with multiple vehicles, where can I park?
We advice to come with one car which is included for every pitch or accommodation. Additional parking spots can be reserved during booking. Also you can park on public parking spots nearby

Can I drive from and to the parking spot during the stay?
No, during the weekend we are minimizing the amount of traffic due to security reasons.

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