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General Terms and Conditions


General terms and conditions apply to all bookings via SportStadion. It is important to read through the conditions for the booking carefully, because you will be agreeing to these conditions when you make a booking. We summarise below the sets of conditions that apply to your specific booking. In doing so we make a distinction within our products between travel packages and separate tickets.

Travel packages

When you book a travel package (*) via SportStadion you enter into a contract with SportStadion Reizen, which is a trading name of Bepart Travel & Packages bv. (Chamber of Commerce registered number 70198950, btw-number NL858187000B01). The ANVR Travel conditions and the General Terms and Conditions of Bepart Travel & Packages bv. Are applicable to these contracts. ANVR (the General Association of Dutch Travel Businesses - Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen) is a branch organisation which has strict conditions for membership and in this way upholds the quality of its members.

The conditions of the guarantee scheme of the Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR) are also applicable to all travel packages(*). The SGR guarantee means that, within the limits of the guarantee scheme, consumers are assured that their advance payment for travel will be refunded if the counterparty is unable to perform its obligations under the contract due to financial incapacity. To the extent that the contract includes transport and the destination has already been reached, the guarantee covers the return journey.

All travel packages (*) also fall under the Calamity fund guarantee. This guarantee means that as a consumer your travel costs will be refunded if the journey cannot take place or cannot take place in full due to a calamity, and that any necessary additional costs will be refunded if they are incurred because the travel arrangements have to be revised due to a calamity. The Calamity fund defines a calamity as an abnormal occurrence caused by civil commotion or natural disaster, in the judgement of the Calamities Committee. A surcharge of  € 2.50 is charged for each group of up to a maximum of 9 persons.

* In defining travel packages SportStadion applies the following criteria: a journey organised by a travel organiser which comprises at least 2 or more of the following elements:

  • Tourism related services (such as for example admission tickets)
  • Transport of people (for example travel via bus or plane)
  • Accommodation (for example hotel accommodation or a camping place)

Separate tickets

The General Terms and Conditions of SportStadion bv. (Chamber of Commerce registered number 01179195, btw-number NL822187206B01) apply to all other bookings with SportStadion bv which do not fall under the criteria (*)of a travel package, so for example an admission ticket on its own or a bus ticket.