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  1. Camping Pitch for a tent, caravan or camper
    Camping Pitch for a tent, caravan or camper

    PerPitchVanaf: £275.00

    Want to stay on the village with your tent, caravan or trailer? Book a pitch and ensure a place on the Motorsport Fan Village Austria 2019!

    Is your accommodation bigger then 23 feet? Book a Pitch XL so we can reserve enough space for your accommodation.
    If your accommodation turns out to be longer than you booked we will deny you access to the Village because we simply do not have the spare space available. Learn More
  2. Basic - The Apex
    Basic - The Apex

    Out of stock

    This ideal 2 persons tent will be ready for you including 2 air mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows and a light.
    So no need to bring your own sleeping materials!
    Learn More
  3. Basic - Chicane
    Basic - Chicane

    Out of stock

    If you do not want the hassle of bringing your own tent you can reserve 'Chicane'.
    A tent for maximum of four persons that is ready for you when you arrive at the village! Learn More
  4.   Comfort - Pole Position
    Comfort - Pole Position
    £649.00 per accommodatie

    Luxurious camping in the Motorsport Fan village with 'Pole Position'
    This luxurious two person accommodation contains two comfortable boxspring beds, two chairs, a flashlight (including batteries) and a lock.
    Furthermore it contains an electric socket for charging your devices.
    Learn More
  5.  Comfort - The Pitlane
    Comfort - The Pitlane
    £599.00 per accommodatie

    This stylish two, four or six persons accommodation 'The Pitlane' elevates camping to another level.

    This eye catcher delivers comfort for everyone who wants to enjoy the Motorsport Fan village without a care in the world.
    You can book 'The Pitlane' for a maximum of six persons. Learn More
  6.  Premium - The Paddock
    Premium - The Paddock
    £899.00 per accommodatie

    With a stay in the paddock you enjoy the luxe of a hotel room right in the ambiance of the Motorsport Fan Village!

    Stay in this 2 or 3 person accommodation and experience the Motorsport fan village as a VIP!
    Learn More
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6 Item(s)